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Choosing Appliances You Will Adore

Answering Questions About Two Common Refrigerator Problems

by Melanie Hanson

Your refrigerator is a critical appliance in your home. Unfortunately, your refrigerator may malfunction, and this can quickly lead to spoilage. If you have never encountered issues with your refrigerator before, you may find it extremely difficult to locate the source of the problem, let alone repair it. By carefully reviewing the following two questions and their answers regarding refrigerator repair, you may find that you have the information needed to minimize the disruptions caused by these issues.  

Why Has The Refrigerator Suddenly Started Leaking Water?

There may come a day when you walk into your kitchen only to find a large pool of water around your refrigerator. In addition to being a shocking sight to see, this problem can also cause major damages to your home if it is not corrected soon. While this problem can arise from a variety of causes, it is often a simple issue with the drainage pan. If this part of the unit encounters problems, it will be easy for the water to spill out of the pan and onto the floor. 

If you notice this problem with your refrigerator, you should carefully remove the drainage pan so that you can inspect it for signs of damage. The location of this pan can vary, but the owner's manual should help to provide you with detailed directions on how to locate it. If no damage is found, you may need to contact a professional, like A OK Appliance Service, to service the unit because the leak may be stemming from a clogged pipe or drain. 

What Should Be Done For A Refrigerator That Is Struggling To Stay Cool?

Another common problem with refrigerators is an inability to effectively cool the food inside. Many homeowners may assume that this problem is stemming from a lack of refrigerant, but this problem is often caused by something that is far easier to repair. On the back or bottom of your refrigerator is a series of coils that are designed to dissipate the heat absorbed from the interior of the refrigerator, but these coils can become covered in dust. 

The dust will prevent the coils from properly venting the heat, which will significantly reduce the performance of the refrigerator. To correct this problem, you will need to gently wipe away any dust accumulating on the coils.

Ensuring that your refrigerator is avoiding simple sources of damage requires you to have a basic understanding concerning some of the more common issues that your refrigerator can encounter. By knowing the potential sources of a leak and the importance of cleaning the coils on the back of the refrigerator, you will be in a stronger position to prevent these minor problems from causing major malfunctions with your refrigerator.