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Choosing Appliances You Will Adore

The Do's And Don't Of Ceramic Cooktop Stoves | A New Owner's Guide

by Melanie Hanson

With that smooth clean surface and little worry of dropping or spilling food beneath burners where it is a chore to clean, there is no question that you will be well pleased with a ceramic cooktop strove in your kitchen. However, when you take in a new appliance that is a little different than what you are used to, it will always bring about a few new rules. Here are a few do's and don'ts you should know about ceramic cooktop stoves. 

Do: Clean your cooktop after every use. - The ceramic cooktop must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, any spills will get cooked on the surface when you use your stove, which will make them very difficult to remove. 

Don't: Assume it is clean even if you do not see anything on it. - Even if you do not think any food got on the surface of the stove while you were cooking, wipe it down quickly with a clean cloth or soft sponge. Even small grease splatters can be hard to remove later on. 

Do: Use a manufacturer's recommended cleaning solution. - When you first purchase your stove, you may even be given a small sample of the preferred cleaning solution to use. It is always best to continue to use the preferred brand in the future.

Don't: Trust generic brands that are designed for use with all cooktops. - Not every ceramic cooktop cleaner is created equal. If your manufacturer recommends a specific brand, stick with it. Unknown brands may contain ingredients that would damage the surface of your stove. 

Do: Check with the manufacturer's recommendations about pots and pans. - You will not have to invest in new pots and pans for your new cooking surface in most cases. However, some manufacturer's will recommend that some types of cookware not be used to prevent damage to the surface.

Don't: Use rough bottom pans like cast iron on your new stove. - You should avoid pans with a rough bottom like cast iron because the gritty texture can create small scratches in the surface of the ceramic. Even small scratches can mean that the surface will be weaker and more prone to further damage.

Once you get familiar with using your new ceramic cooktop stove, there is no way you will ever want to go back to a traditional unit. If you have questions about using or maintaining your new cooktop, talk to an appliance repair professional, like Appliance Tech Repair LLC by Frank Lecato, for more information.