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Choosing Appliances You Will Adore

Prolong The Life Of Your Washing Machine With These Tips

by Melanie Hanson

It's easy to start taking your washing machine for granted, but you'll quickly change your appreciation of this machine following a breakdown. If it's a few days before your local appliance repair person can visit your home or get the parts needed to fix the machine, you might find yourself packing up your dirty laundry and transporting it to a family member's home or a laundromat. This hassle should definitely make you appreciate your appliance and encourage you to take care of it once it's fixed. The good news is that it's possible to keep your machine working properly for many years through a simple series of steps that anyone can perform.

Use The Right Amount Of Detergent

You might be tempted to add a little extra laundry detergent to help clean an overly dirty load of clothing or bedding, but the reality is that with high-efficiency machines, very little detergent is necessary for the job to get done right. When you're adding more detergent than you should, you're risking the contents of the washing machine containing a soapy residue once the load is done. This means that you'll have to run everything through another rinse cycle, which adds unnecessary wear and tear on the machine. Consult the owner's manual so you're certain about how much detergent to add and be sure to stick to this guideline.

Don't Run Small Loads

On occasion, you might have just a handful of clothes that you wish to have washed. While it's tempting to run a small load, it's better to wait until you have enough clothing for a regular-sized loads. A small load forces the washing machine to run through all of its cycles in the same manner as a regular load. This means that while you might slightly be saving on water, you're still putting wear on the machine. Additionally, light loads can gather at only one side of the machine during the spin cycle, which can make the machine off balance and cause a vibration that is detrimental.

Clean The Hose Screens

Over time, small pieces of grit will get caught in the metal screens at the ends of the hoses that connect to the rear of the washing machine. The grit can reduce water flow, which means that your machine won't be running as efficiently as it could. Unscrew each of the hoses, carefully lift out the screens and rinse them under the tap to remove ant built-up grit. Replace the screens and screw the hoses tightly back into place.

Ask a professional from a company like ASAP Appliance Repair, Inc. for more information on how to better take care of your machine.