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Choosing Appliances You Will Adore

4 Things That Could Be Causing Your Refrigerator to Freeze Food

by Melanie Hanson

When functioning correctly, your refrigerator should remain cool for safer food storage. So, when you open it and notice that your food is filled with frost, you should be concerned. Remember that freezing temperature can alter the taste and texture of your food. On the first sign of this problem, ensure that you contact a refrigerator repair technician for a remedy. Here are a few possible reasons your unit is filled with frost.

There's Dirt Buildup on the Condenser Coils

Your refrigerator's condenser coil is located at the back of the unit and plays a key role in removing heat. When it's filled with dust or debris, your refrigerator will have to work harder to eliminate heat. This can lead to overcooling of your refrigerator's interior and increased energy consumption. 

Removing the dirt buildup from the coils can resolve this problem, but this is a task you should leave to an experienced repair technician. You will likely cause more damage to the condenser coils if you decide to do the cleaning yourself.

The Damper Control Is Defective

The refrigerator's air damper is designed to ensure the proper flow of cold air around the unit by closing and opening at specific intervals. When it's not working correctly, it can result in sudden changes in the temperature settings. This may cause the refrigerator drawers and vegetable chamber to freeze. When you call a technician for repairs, they'll evaluate the functionality of the damper door and control assembly before performing any repairs.

There's a Blockage on the Air Vent

The air vent ensures an adequate flow of cold air in your refrigerator to ensure it remains uniformly cold. Most people pack their refrigerators with lots of food for maximum efficiency. While this isn't a bad thing, ensure the food items don't block the vent. So, if the food is freezing, unblock the vent. But if this approach doesn't help, call a technician to inspect your refrigerator as you could be dealing with a more serious issue.

There's a Leakage Along the Refrigerator Gasket

Refrigerator doors feature a gasket line responsible for preventing the exchange of heat between the external environment and the refrigerator. If there's a leakage on the gasket, your refrigerator will keep running and cause the food items to freeze.

When your refrigerator freezes food instead of keeping it at the pre-set temperature, it's a sure sign that you need professional help. Therefore, call your repair technician as soon as you detect this problem.

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