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When it comes to appliances, most people have a tendency to pay more attention to anything else when they shop: price. Unfortunately, finding cheap appliances doesn't always mean you will find good appliances. As an income property owner, I have purchased several different appliances over the years, and I can tell you first hand that not all brands are created equal. My blog is dedicated to helping you to find appliances that you will actually be able to use, abuse, and love for a long time. Check out my blog for information on what to look for, how to shop, and where to get great deals.

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Choosing Appliances You Will Adore

    How To Repair Dishwasher Sprayer Arms

    If your dishwasher isn't getting dishes clean, it could be time to repair the upper and lower spray arms. After much use, the sprayer arms get clogged with dirt or crack. Here are some tips to fix dishwasher spray arms. Prepare to Work For this repair, you need: Philips screwdriver pipe cleaner or flexible wire sponge old toothbrush all purpose cleaner and degreasing agent sponge upper and lower replacement sprayer arms Unplug the power cord to the dishwasher, which is usually plugged into a ground fault circuit outlet that is under the kitchen sink and behind the cabinet wall.

    How To Remove Mold From A Front-Loading Washing Machine

    Front-loading washing machines are prone to mold and mildew. You'll know if your machine has a mold or mildew problem, as your clothes will begin to smell. You can also see the mold inside your machine on the rubber seal. If you pull the seal back, you'll see mold underneath as well. This mold can be removed with a cleaner that you probably already have in your laundry cupboard. See below for instructions on how to remove mold from your front-loading washing machine.

    Are Appliance Warranties Worth the Extra Cost?

    Everyone has been there: you're standing in the electronics, home improvement, or appliance store deciding on a purchase, and the salesman asks if you'd like to purchase an extended warranty. When you make a larger purchase like appliances, it's considered a pretty good-sized investment. You want to be able to have peace of mind that your new investment will work well and last a long time. But are all extra warranties offered by retailers and manufacturers worth the extra cost?

    Troubleshooting Your Appliances

    Large appliances play a pretty big role in our homes. They make our food, clean our dishes, wash our clothes, heat us up, and cool us down. When one stops working, it can be pretty tempting to hire a professional to take a look. However, you might be able to save a nice chunk of change by taking a look at the problem yourself. Here are some tips that you can use to troubleshoot two particularly troublesome appliances: the refrigerator and the clothes dryer.

    Preventative Maintenance For A Fridge

    Refrigerators are expensive. On the low end you will pay around $900 for a new fridge and can pay a lot more than that if you want better features and more space. Because this is such a large expense, you will not want to have to replace your fridge often. This means that you will want to take good care of it. Luckily, there are some preventative maintenance actions that you can take to keep your fridge running smoothly and efficiently.

    Dirty Condenser Coils – The Problems It Can Cause With Your Refrigerator

    How long has it been since you cleaned the condenser coil on your refrigerator? When the condenser coil becomes covered with dirt, the heat cannot escape and the temperature of the refrigerator increases. So what problems could this cause and how do you resolve the problem? Problems Caused by a Dirty Condenser Coil The lights inside the refrigerator turn on, but the unit isn't cooling. The refrigerator kicks on and turns off way more than it used to.

    3 Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs To Be Professionally Repaired

    It is important to make sure that your refrigerator is always running in the best manner possible. After all, you might have spent a lot of money on the food that is in there and would hate to see it all go to waste. Therefore, you want to stay mindful of the following three signs that your refrigerator needs to be professionally repaired. Extra Ice Is Forming Sure, the freezer may occasionally get some ice formations if the temperature is set too low.

    The Do's And Don't Of Ceramic Cooktop Stoves | A New Owner's Guide

    With that smooth clean surface and little worry of dropping or spilling food beneath burners where it is a chore to clean, there is no question that you will be well pleased with a ceramic cooktop strove in your kitchen. However, when you take in a new appliance that is a little different than what you are used to, it will always bring about a few new rules. Here are a few do's and don'ts you should know about ceramic cooktop stoves.